About Us

At Hartstra Manufacturing we work with you to design and fabricate your specialized truck body, trailer or enclosure. With in-house 3D CAD modelling and design capability we will take your concepts and ideas and generate workable plans for production. From there we build your product with very capable and highly skilled production and fabrication personnel. From aluminum and steel welding, to electrical and fuel systems, to interior insulation and cabinetry, to painting and decalling, all stages of your product is built in-house by our very competent staff.

Please consider building your next specialized truck body or trailer at Hartstra Manufacturing! From Concept to Completion you’ll be glad you did!

A Message from the President…

Let me introduce you to Hartstra Manufacturing. We are the Premier fabricator of Custom Truck Bodies, Trailers and Enclosures.

At Hartstra Manufacturing we recognize that people use their units in many different ways, and the cookie cutter solution may work, but never work well. We start by taking the time to understand how you will use your truck body or trailer and engineer a solution from the ground up. We work directly with our clients to design and fabricate a custom solution that perfectly meets your needs. The result is a unit that exceeds expectations and will last a life time.

Our expertise is aluminum fabrication, but our core business is engineering solutions. From concept to completion, we create units that ensure You will be able to focus on Your core business. Down time is expensive, not having the right setup is costly. Initial investment in a quality, properly designed unit will save your business thousands in lost time and productivity. We are not the cheapest solution, but we are the least expensive! At Hartstra we strive to create a quality custom product at a fair price that maximizes the value for our clients.

Our mission is to design and build a product that will outlast anything on the market. Whether you are looking for a municipal, Industrial or military application, put our engineering and design consultation services to work your business.

Our Team

Adrian Harthoorn
Frederick Vargas
Engineering & Design